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5 things to keep in mind while importing

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Importing has become an important part of economy today. The importation and exportation of goods in India are subject to trade agreement between import and export justification. Importing has become an important part of trading in India. HP J EXIM Pvt. Ltd  is one of known company of India holding import and exports. HP J EXIM reviewsto keep  5 points in mind while importing that provide a comfort in importing smoothly.

Have faith in your supplier

Being in touch with your supplier in numerous of ways like through email, fax, telephone, skype etc. So keep your eyes on some supplier you like and can trust with no doubts. This trustful relationship with supplier ensures companywide commitment to an import program.

Need of License

Usually it is the supplier’s duty to comply with government regulations and applicable laws in each country. So, it becomes important to determine if your supplier need permission to import in the country. Probably you may also require license from local state authorities to do importing and exporting business.Also you might require a Custom Broad Petrol number to be assigned in case if CBP interrogates.

Import export

Determine the weight and measurement

For computing all the cost involved in your product being import, you must know the weight and measurement of your carton.

Exercise a payment plan that suits you

An international banker can perfectly guide about the best payment terms and can even advise you on it’s risks factor. So, choose you payment policies that operates in your cash flow easily and also seek a conversation with your bank to find out the economical way to structure  the payment in aspect of large shipments.

Contact the CBP

Interact with the Customs Border Patrol office at the port of entry in the country or state where your productwill enter, this measure ensures streamline and minimal hiccups along the way as CBP will surveyingtransport of your shipments.


Now, be sure of your knowledge, requirements and contacts for your safety and security in importing products and allow your service of providing to the needs of people of the country through import and export business.

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